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The cast of "Dallas"
The cast of 'Dallas'.

The prime time television soap opera Dallas was produced from 1978 to 1991. It takes place in Dallas, Texas and centers around the life of the "Ewing" family which has to deal with internal power struggles, intrigue and money hungry relatives.

In total, 14 seasons and three TV movies were produced and when it comes to ratings, Dallas still is one of the he most successful TV series ever. From 2012 until 2014, a reboot of Dallas went on the air on TNT with many actors, who had already been part of the original show.

Dallas will always be Larry Hagman's best role

The amazing Larry Hagman played "J.R. Ewing Jr.", the eldest son of "Jock" and "Miss Ellie". He runs the company "Ewing Oil". Hagman's character does not shy away from crude methods to get his way - the only thing he is reluctant about, is murder.

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman as "Sue Ellen" and "J.R. Ewing" in 'Dallas'.
Linda Gray and Larry Hagman as "Sue Ellen" and "J.R. Ewing" in 'Dallas'.

Most of the cast members of Dallas are still alive and kicking today, but the iconic Larry Hagman unfortunately passed away in 2012 from leukemia after beating throat cancer and coming through a difficult surgery in 2011.

Some of the other former cast members like Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly and Charlene Tilton are actually still part of the business we call show today...