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The Nanny

The Nanny cast

The Nanny is one of the great classic series of the nineties, in which "Fran Fine" managed to conquer young and old thanks to her unique personality and her silly carefree style. In the series, a young woman from the slums of New York takes care of the three children of "Mr. Sheffield", the millionaire producer from the Big Apple.

The unique nanny was played by the beautiful American actress Fran Drescher, who rose to world fame thanks to that iconic role where she captivated audiences with her unique personality, as well as her funny and witty nasal voice. 

The inspiration behind  The Nanny

The inspiration for the series was born during a visit to London where "Fran" realized the culture clash between her and the daughter of her millionaire British friendship, then decided that this would be a great point for a series. The story ended up being that of a kind-hearted but brazen woman, who lived in the borough of Queens and who, by mistake, is mistaken as a candidate for a nanny on the doorstep of the Manhattan home of theater impresario "Maxwell Sheffield", a widower, whose children became unruly. Despite the mistake and not having any experience as a babysitter, "Fran Fine" turned out to be "what the doctor ordered", as the musical curtain of the sitcom says: little by little the children begin to overcome their grief and behave well while "Mr. Sheffield" and his butler admit that they need to abandon British rigidity.

Interesting facts about the series

  • 146 episodes aired.
  • The series was adapted in countries such as Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, and Ecuador, among many others.
  • Most of the episodes were filmed in front of an audience!
  • It was close to being canceled!
  • Ray Romano, Cher, and David Letterman were guest stars.