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The Umbrella Academy

'The Umbrella Academy' Powers

Netflix's hit original series The Umbrella Academy is an unbelievably addictive show that you can't miss! Based on the best selling comic book series by My Chemical Romance lead's Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is non-stop fun.

The Umbrella Academy is Netflix's latest worldwide hit! The series follows a very unconventional and dysfunctional family of adoptive children with supernatural powers who need to prevent the apocalypse... that they caused. Oops! 

We are addicted to watching the hilarious and ridiculous "Hargreeves" family as they try and get their crap together enough to stop arguing and work as a team. From Robert Sheehan as the wild card drug-addict "Klaus Hargreeves/Number Four" who can speak with and eventually summon the dead, to Ellen Page as "Vanya Hargreeves/Number Seven" whose powers are the most powerful but almost completely unknown to her due to her incredibly neglectful and controlling father, we cannot look away.

We have been deep diving into the graphic novel series behind the show, the powers of each character, the actors behind the cast, and everything Umbrella Academy related we can get our hands on!